Wendy Webb
Executive Director, Founder

Wendy’s desire to serve her community stemmed from time she spent working overseas at an orphanage in Costa Rica, at a bush hospital in Africa and then doing relief work in war-torn Somalia. She began F.O.R. as a small network of individuals serving food and other essentials to families in need out of the backs of their cars and has shepherded the organization in just a few short years to one that has dozens of volunteers and serves tens of thousands.

In her own words: (On the future of F.O.R.) “I think we have to go back to how we started. We want to be able to do more, but we want to make sure we are doing the basic things for people really well before we take on too much more. The ultimate dream would be that economy improved to the point we really weren’t needed anymore, but that is too big of a dream, I’m afraid. For now, we just want the capacity to handle the items we are given so we can manage it properly and get it right out to those who are in need.”

Lisa Rollins
Board member (Term began in 2010)

Lisa was involved with F.O.R. before becoming a board member, having connected with Wendy and making F.O.R. the beneficiary of a food drive she organized. She continues to volunteer her time in helping at a variety of F.O.R. events and has been instrumental in getting fellow employees of hers outside Maricopa to make a donation.

In her own words: “After meeting Wendy and seeing what an amazing organization she is running as well as the immediate assistance that is going out to the community that I grew up in, I couldn’t help but become more involved. F.O.R. Maricopa is truly making a difference and I am honored to be a part of it.”

David Miyasato
Board member (Term began in 2013)